About Us

About 20 years ago, the history of our homes begins.

Our parents, who were born and lived until they were 18 in Kefalonia, built the two houses, one for each child, so that we could come on vacation and bond with the island and its people.

We all wanted them to look a bit like the old cottages of Kefalonia, with colors that blend beautifully with the green of the countryside and the blue of the sea. At that time, tourism on the island began and this type of properties were very few. Our parents, who in a few years would be retired, found a solution to what they would do next.

They built a small summer house for them and started a business for the summer months. We and our new families, spent our winter holidays there, Easter and some days of August.

Our father, who was the soul of the business, had guests and not customers. So they made friends, who always returned, to his “holiday home in Kefalonia” as they called it. Unfortunately, the father “left” at 2020 and the covid-19 changed the lives of all of us.

During these two years we worked mainly with some Greek friends. This year we are making a fresh start, with our mother continuing our father’s work, hoping that we will see old friends again and also make new ones.

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